KB Events was recently formed as the offspring of the original Krazy Boyz DJ entertainment company. Krazy Boyz DJ was formed in 2006 and now specializes in entertainment for family events such as school dances and bar & bat mitzvahs. After 8 wonderful years of celebrations, KB Events has expanded and we are here to share the love in weddings & corporate events. By adding these events to our catalog, we have become the ultimate entertainment company that can handle any celebration for you and your family, friends, co-workers & loved ones.


     Jason Kagan and Aaron Payes co-direct the Atlanta based event entertainment and production company called KB Events. Bringing to the table over fifteen years of experience, the dynamic duo shares a diverse background in entertainment in the areas of theatre and dance, show directing, acting, singing, sound and lighting production, song writing, music production, music business, nightclub disc jockeying and special events. This experience is what gives Jason and Aaron their expertise in the special events world and sets them apart from other event companies.


     “All of the things that we do have entire industries all to their own. Here, we are able to combine all of those things into one great company and do it better,” Jason explains. It’s great fun to put the puzzle pieces together and host amazing events.”


     Jason and Aaron are professional world renowned entertainers and have had the pleasure of performing alongside Eddie Money, Lloyd, DJ Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill), Drivin’ & Cryin’, the Ying Yang Twins, and not to mention playing for celebrities Denzel Washington, Ray Lewis, John Sally, Dominique Wilkins, Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Jazze Pha, Dallas Austin and being the requested DJ’s of billionaire mogul Ted Turner’s family.

In 2012, their album titled Kidd Star & The E-Hop Brigade debuted the single “Rah! It’s Gametime” which climbed the Billboard charts and rivaled other popular singles “You’re A Jerk,” “Cat Daddy,” and Pitbull’s “Calle Ocho (I Know You Want Me).” “Rah!” has been featured in movies and tv shows and was chosen as the team fight song by NFL’s Denver Broncos and NBA’s Portland Trailblazers making “Rah!” the sports anthem of the year.

“As a DJ entertainer, it’s not just how well you spin the records, but also your showmanship. Take each performance to heart, make it unique and connect with your audience – that’s how you make it special for them,” says Aaron.


     Every special event is important and often monumental to the guest(s) of honor and all who are invited. Jason and Aaron make sure that everyone at KB Events appreciates this importance and what that means for each person performing a job. Jason and Aaron directly oversee all events and personnel and treat each client as their most important, paying close attention to every aspect of each event and always working to give those special moments something extra.

Wishing you all the best,

Jason and Aaron