Krazy Boyz DJ

KB Events proudly hosts Krazy Boyz DJ, the brand that started it all. Krazy Boyz DJ is an action packed entertainment solution for all parties large and small. It’s true that some functions are meant to be cordial, and we take pride in the way we gracefully manage a wedding reception, a gala, or a corporate holiday party… But for those high energy parties where you really want to set it off, we present Krazy Boyz DJ.


Krazy Boyz are teams of entertainers comprised of DJ’s, MC’s, and dancers. We work together to host high energy events that deserve a rocking dance floor and need a little boost.


A Krazy Boyz team is special because it’s more than just a DJ and an MC working together to host a crowd. 

A Krazy Boyz cast contains professional dancers – real performers and choreographers. You’ve seen us on your favorite television shows, on award show stages and in music videos. Krazy Boyz dancers are friendly professionals who create the trends in today’s pop culture. We teach crowds how to do fun new dances like the Wobble, the WOP and the Cupid Shuffle. We embrace our roots with the Cha Cha and Electric Slides, and explore many other popular hits. Our high energy motivational dancers coordinate with our DJs and the MCs to form a powerful unit that drives the party and keeps people on their feet having fun all night.


A special feature that makes Krazy Boyz such an essential element to any party, is our production value. When you hire us to perform, our own KB Productions team will deck your venue out with a truckload of high-tech sound and lighting gear, and turn your dance floor into your own unique night club experience.


Krazy Boyz have hosted hundreds of special events including:


-Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

-Elementary, Middle and Highschool Festivals, Formals, Homecomings, Proms, Pageants and Other School Events

-Charity Events, 5k and 10k Road Races, Public Festivals

-Sweet 16 Parties and Other Birthday Celebrations (age 13-50+)

-County Parades, Fairs, Carnivals, and more.


Krazy Boyz MC’s, DJ’s, and Dancers are fun and great for children of all ages and families alike. Having worked together as a team for over 8 years, you can feel assured that we are comfortable in an age appropriate setting such as a bar-mitzvah or a school event. As music producers, we customize a lot of our own music so that you get to experience it differently when you hear it live in our DJ sets. Of course, all of our music always has clean, appropriate, family friendly content. Our DJ’s are well versed in a multitude of musical styles and are able to play for kids and adults alike.


All of our performers are respectful and professional while keeping guests entertained and engaged throughout the entire party.